Mili Sánchez (Madrid, 1966).

Photographer and designer, she began her professional career working at ESTUDIO3 as a graphic designer. She kept up her studies in Art Direction, which lead her to photography that  totally fascinated her. She didn't feel at ease with the boom of the digital era in graphic design at the beginning of the nineties, so she decided to focus her career  towards the world of  visual arts working as an assistant at various photo studios for Fernando Briones, Toby Carrasco, Jaime Ferrer and Pasquale Caprile.

During that decade, and until 2006  she  regularly worked as a photographer in press, advertising, fashion and decoration in the major publications and agencies in the country.

After more than ten years in the editorial business, her career  takes a turn and she decides to discover her creativity in a more personal way  conbining it with her  graphic designer side, which gives  her greater freedom in choosing her work as a photographer

At this new stage, she  primarily explores the possibilities of portraiture and investigates new paths . At the same time  she  increases her spectrum combining travel photography, social reportage  and industrial photography,  with her prior specialties.


El País semanal, El semanal ABC, La luna del mundo, Mujer 21, Down Town, FHM, GQ España, Vitrubio Leo Burnet, Contrapunto, Virgin España, BMG Ariola Subterfuge, Globo Media Música, Santillana, El Volcán Música, Thales, etc..


Short Film Directors Portraits (Mili Sánchez/Oscar Carriquí)
Alcalá de Henares Festival- Alcalá de Henares Theater- Madrid (1.998)
Cinema Renoir Cuatro Caminos- Madrid (1.998)
Conde Duque Cultural Center (Screening room)–Madrid (1.998)
Círculo de Bellas Artes –Madrid- (Festimad) (1.998)

Diario de Abordo
Roberto the pirate's Tavern-Madrid- (Collective) (1.999)

Mutatis Mutandis (Mili Sánchez/Veo Blasco)
La Buga del Lobo -Madrid (2.004)
La ventana de la Apolonia –Soria (2.004)
Llibrería L´escull –Xábia- Alicante (2.005)

Interruptus I Edition (Collective) (2.004) Madrid
Interruptus II Edition (Collective) (2.005) Madrid
Interruptus IIIEdition (Collective) (2.006) Madrid
Interruptus IV Edition (Collective (2.007) Madrid
Interruptus V Edition (Collective) (2.008) Valencia
Interruptus VI Edition (Collective) (2.009) Santander
Interruptus VII Edition (Collective) (2.010) Madrid
Interruptus VI Edition (Collective) (2.010) Retrospective- Madrid

Entrefotos I Edition (1.999)
Entrefotos VII Edition (2.005)

Performaciones (nudes)
Alovera's Cultural Center (Guadalajara) (2.006)
Mad is Mad Gallery(Madrid) (2.006)


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